1. Foci's Left - The Art Of Dreaming CD

  2. Forgotten Times Remixes (6 Rack EP)

  3. Burnhanibey - The 4 Singles (2 live, 1 interleaved in home studio)

  4. Bad Covers (Free, 2016)

  5. Foci's Left - Early Riser LP
    Foci's Left (FL, Dr Paw Prints, Focis Right, Magix, Path Optimist, I like to... aliases)

  6. Muttley aka Michael Buckingham - SIG - Silence Is Golden - A free promotional sound collage for underexposed artists - influenced by Sigmund Freud
    Various artists, and Muttley (copyright respecting collage creator)

  7. Fixity EP

  8. Unconditional Fantasies LP

  9. TDD 8 Sampler 1 - Foci's Left (FL) - Pop

  10. Guitar First Take EP (Free Download Xmas Sample Pack)

  11. What I Think - Right Bus Of The Psyche

  12. Focis Right - What Is Hope, What Is Joy LP
    Focis Right

  13. Lucie England EP

  14. FL (Focis Left) - DasClaviDiaries (Begun 25.11.15)
    Focis Left (Foci's apostrophe is now dropped for most particular releases)

  15. ClaviHunger Game - Sun Spots, Or Paw Prints
    Foci's Left (as Dr Paw Prints)

  16. LUV

  17. Clavinova Harvester CD

  18. FL - Miller Genuine Draft EP - For Rich & Alan GTI - Oct 2015

  19. Focis Left - Live 2045PM 260915 Performance at www.gappytooth.com 's September 2015 Event, The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
    Focis Left

  20. FL (Focis Left) - Nothing 2CD (48 Minute Digital Version Remixed Under My Musicv Maker Jam Software Magix Alias)
    Focis Left

  21. Shortened Fuse 3 Piece Variations EP (290915)

  22. MHcha-elles Daydream (Illogical Gains) LP (August 2015)

  23. Anti Ransom EP

  24. Just Sessions (Live @ The James Street Tavern, OX4)

  25. Troubled Perceptions LP (UploadIP)

  26. Emblems Of Static EP

  27. Creme Buble (Nothing Into Something LP)
    I like to think of myself as a professor come discotheque engineer

  28. Livvy EP

  29. Connect Five - The Complete Live Album

  30. Vena Amoris EP

  31. Dear EP

  32. Derelict Career LP

  33. Life In A Less Southern Town LP (CD Version With Bonus Tracks) - Omni Music

  34. Tara EP

  35. Foci's Left & Geoff Brooks - Hypnosis Session 1 - Dreams (November 2013)
    Foci's Left & Geoff Brooks

  36. Dumping The Rock EP

  37. Grumpy Love LP

  38. FTAL Attraction EP


Foci's Left Oxford, UK

The official music site of Michael Buckingham, aka Foci's Left, an Oxford musician specialising in wide ambient music. Releases are multifaceted, sidestepping a particular sound, which is penultimate in my early career (I am 27 in 2015). I've had releases since 2010 on labels inc. Wire magazine advertised Audio Gourmet and Omni Music. Critically acclaimed and in the Bandcamp bestsellers to date. ... more

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